Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Drones are being used in the photography and videography industries as they are often capable of saving you significant sums of money on camera cranes , gibs and other archaic equipment. UAS are able to reach angles of view that make for great aerial shots of landscapes and buildings and promote safety of the videographer.

The technologys' list of uses is quickly expanding into other sectors which include: security, agriculture, golf course management, insurance inspections, real estate and performance broadcast.

Our state of the art equipment is capable of the highest quality video being produced today, the drones can fly in a variety of atmospheric conditions (wind, etc.) and are piloted by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified remote Pilots In Charge (PIC). Flight logs, pre/during/post inspection checklists and maintenance records are made available as required, rest assured that our operators take safety and precaution very seriously.

Enjoy the view:

Laurel Glen of Brunswick Ohio