Skills videos are not particularly “flashy” or dynamic, the best recruiting videos present an athletes personality, “coachability” and most importantly accurately reflect what the athlete can contribute to a college team.

Your athlete has a very brief moment to show what they have to offer, in order for our product to be effective we work with college recruiting to refine our services so that the recruiting video remains relevant.

Your Skills Video package includes:

- Approximately 90 minutes of court rental time

- A skills coordinator that will coach you through the drills

- Complete video that will be posted to your personal Youtube (or other media outlet) channel

- Your video will be posted with the important meta-data and search engine tags that will help popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo accurately and quickly find your video

Pricing for this package starts at $350 and can be customized based upon your requirements.

We also compile and produce videos such as:

- Highlight films

- Entire game films (spotlighting your athlete, etc.)

- Hype videos (check our 'Video' section for examples)

Sample Skills Video